Damage Prevention Best Practices


Pipeline companies join with other underground infrastructure owners, excavators and government officials to prevent damage to underground infrastructure like pipelines. These stakeholders participate in the Common Ground Alliance, an association dedicated to preventing damage to underground facilities. The Common Ground Alliance and its members regularly update Common Ground Alliance Best Practices. The best practices include planning and design, one-call center operation, location and marking, excavation, mapping, compliance, public education, and reporting and evaluation.

Common Ground Alliance

The Common Ground Alliance asks for reports on underground infrastructure damage using the Damage Information Reporting Tool and provides annual reports.

This successful effort to improve damage prevention was first inspired by the Common Ground Study requested by Congress and commissioned by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

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Pipeline operators also share information about the damage prevention practices they use and have found to be effective. API and AOPL created a web site for this information called the Excavation Damage Prevention Toolbox.