Pipeline Design and Build

Often, the process to design and site a pipeline is longer than the time needed to actually construct a pipeline.  The construction phase can only begin after route selection, easement negotiations, environmental permitting and many other pre-construction actions have been accomplished. Before the line pipe can be buried, the pipeline right-of-way must be cleared and prepared for construction. Once ready, the pipeline is carefully placed in the pre-dug trench or bored under waterways or roads. If trenching is involved, the trench is filled and post-construction restoration begins.

The post-construction phase of any project addresses several aspects including restoring the surface of the land affected by the trenching.  Before the pipeline is placed into service, the pipe and components are again tested in the field with water pressure, weld x-rays, and a variety of other inspection tests. Each stage of this process is overseen by regularly trained and highly qualified inspectors to ensure compliance with the engineering plan, codes, permit conditions, landowner and easement agreements, and regulatory requirements.