Refined Products Pipelines

Women Fueling Car  fuel storage and tanker

The nation's crude oil pipelines transport crude oil from oilfields to refineries where the oil is turned into dozens of useful products, such as gasoline, home heating oil, jet fuel, diesel, lubricants and the raw materials for fertilizer, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

Refined products are distributed to the companies and consumers who rely on a steady and economically transported supply of these products.

Most gasoline and diesel fuel supplies are delivered to the marketplace by pipelines from refineries to local distribution centers. Tanker trucks carry gasoline only the last few miles of the trip to individual service stations. Major American airports rely almost entirely on pipelines, and have dedicated pipelines to deliver jet fuel directly to the airport.

Almost all plastics are made from resins and other raw materials derived from oil. From our office desks to children's toys, we touch some sort of petroleum-based product almost every moment of our day.  Pipelines make this possible.