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What do you know

Pipelines are energy lifelines, making almost every daily activity possible. Pipelines play a huge role in everyday lives and are essential to the nation's industries. Yet, few people are aware of the work done by the country's  more than 190,000-mile liquid petroleum pipeline network and 2.4 million-mile natural gas pipeline network that delivers the products that are integral parts of America's economy. It is a network that delivers the nation's crude oil and petroleum products (such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, home heating oil, and natural gas) reliably, safely, efficiently, and economically.



Why Pipeline 101?  "Pipeline 101" seeks to be your introductory resource for energy pipeline information. We invite you to explore the pipeline industry, from the steel in the ground to the people and technologies that ensure reliable energy delivery and safe operation.

The information in Pipeline 101 has been compiled from industry, government and research experts and published materials.


  • Pipeline 101
    Pipelines Work For You

    America depends on a network of more than 180,000 miles of liquid petroleum pipelines to safely and efficiently move energy and raw materials to fuel our nation's economic engine.

    Find Out How Pipelines Work For You!
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    Pipelines Empower Everyday Life

    Everyday life depends on the vast network of pipelines across the United States. The nation's crude oil pipelines transport crude oil to refineries where the oil is turned into dozens of useful products such as gasoline, home heating oil, eyeglasses, and food containers.

    Find Out Why We Need Pipelines!
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    Pipelines Are Safe

    Pipeline companies take active steps to ensure that health, safety, security, and environmental concerns are addressed throughout the planning, construction, and operational phases of pipeline operations.

    Find Out How Pipelines Are Safe!